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Getamungstit magazine was totally re-designed in 2015 and Liveworm was contracted to provide the new branding.
Liveworm also designs each cover and the layout of each 52 page edition, following the theme provided by Student Guild.


Getamungstit magazine covers and content for the year of 2015.

Cover mock

Getamungstit the O’Week edition featured in 2015, Issue 01.


Product review about the choice of beer available at the Uni Bar, Gold Coast, Griffith University.


Gym etiquette promoting the University Gym featured in the O’Week edition, 2015.


Getamungstit the Music edition featured in 2015, Issue 02.

Content 3

An informative spread showing you how to dress for a festival for under $100.


Air Guitar World Champions 20th Anniversary, Music Edition, Issue 2.

cover and content

Getamungstit the Body edition featured in 2015, Issue 03.


A two page spread discussing self-injury and where to get help.

Culture edition

Getamungstit the Culture edition featured in 2015, Issue 04.

Thrift fashion spread

A Thrifty fashion shows you how to shop cheap and still look great.

Columbia spread mockup

Alejandra Ramirez Vival capturing the beauty of Colombia in Issue 4 of Getamungstit.

Green edition back and front cover

Getamungstit the Green edition featured in 2015, Issue 05.

Being creative mockup spread

Being creative featuring student photography in Getamungstit.


Getamungstit magazine covers and content for the year of 2016.

O week 2016 Edition

Getamungstit O’Week edition featured in February 2016. Issue 01, Volume 02.

Featured artist

Feature artist, Allday shown in the Getamungstit magazine O’Week Edition.

Get the hell outta here

A two page spread featured in the O’Week edition covering the “get the hell outta here” content.

Sport and leisure front and back cover

Getamungstit Sport and Leisure edition featured in April 2016. Issue 02, Volume 02.

olympic trivia spread mockup

An Olympic Trivia featured in the Getamungstit magazine, Issue 02, Volume 02.

Explore spread mockup

An article written by Saachi Khandelwal and Justin Jatttke enlightening us about adventure and exploring in the Getamungstit magazine.

love edition back and front cover

Getamungstit Love edition featured in May 2016. Issue 03, Volume 02.

illustration spread mockup

Student illustrations from Queensland College of Arts, GoldCoast featured in the Getamungstit magazine

Feature artist dominique spread mockup
 Dominique Falla presenting her marvellous works in the Getamungst it magazine, the Love edition.