We offer marketing consultation focusing on campaign execution ideas, ongoing brand/perception management, and business strategies.

Graphic Design

We are able to meet any of your graphic design needs including branding, print design and product design, achieving a high quality of work.


We offer hand drawn typography through multiple mediums, achieving unique and visually appealing results.


Liveworm offers professional photography services, fully equipped with a studio, lighting and cameras.

Web Design

We offer web design in the form of a psd mockup, suitable for websites using WordPress and Square Space themes.


We are able to take care of the printing so you don’t have to worry about it. This ensures good printing quality which is outsourced to a trusted service.


A work integrated learning environment based on the functionality of a commercial design studio, staffed by a rotation of  QLD College of Art’s leading art, graphic, digital and 3d design interns – assisted by our Creative Director with nearly 10 years industry experience. Our clients are supported by our studio administrator ensuring the design process is a smooth one. In the midst of a new studio image and direction, Liveworm GC is working towards a stronger position within the evolving creative gc culture. We embrace the changes occurring locally + globally and enjoy producing outcomes reflecting this. In conjunction with commercial and service design projects, we seek opportunities to connect with local businesses, non profit organisations and design for positive social change.

Our Work

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Our Blog


Since 2008 Liveworm has collaborated with internal and external clients, including…


Gold Coast Creative

The Gold Coast Creative Magazine is a joint initiative between the Queensland College of Art (QCA) Gold Coast campus and Sanctuary Cove Publishing. Founded in 1881, the QCA has a long and rich tradition of creating rich, cultural aesthetics and nurturing talented emerging artists and designers. The Gold Coast Creative is an expansion of the QCA’s role as a bridge between talented emerging artists and the wider creative community.

The Gold Coast Creative magazine delivers an avenue for the QCA Gold Coast campus to showcase works from their leading artists. With an eclectic mix of editorial, photographic, typographic and design pieces, the publication has become a valuable resource for staff, students, supporters and stakeholders.

The magazine is available for purchase at select news agencies in Queensland, NSW and Victoria or online at



Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Building G14, Parklands Drive, Southport, Queensland.


(07) 55 52 7262